Admin Series Part 1: Health Check Features

We’re kicking off a series here to show CloudMJ administrators some powerful features and tools which come standard with CloudMJ. A great benefit to our customers is many of these items leverage the Salesforce App Cloud Platform, which CloudMJ is built on.

In future posts, we’ll cover the Salesforce app, the Salesforce Lightning Process Builder, and CloudMJ on Salesforce1. In addition, we will show some cool user interface/experience items like Kanban views, List Views, and Custom Page Layouts and how to use Favorites in the new Lightning interface.


For this first post, we wanted to address a question that comes up frequently with prospects and current customers – data security and application availability (i.e., uptime). As with all industries these days, it is unfortunate to see now that even the marijuana industry can be the target of a hacking attack.

One of the key reasons CloudMJ selected the Salesforce App Cloud Platform to build our application was to ensure our customers had the same level of security and application uptime as Salesforce customers. In case you are curious, Salesforce has some very large customers who entrust Salesforce with their data and high expectations for application uptime.

So with that being the case, one key item administrators have in their CloudMJ toolbox is Salesforce’s Health Check feature. Within minutes, an administrator of CloudMJ can see an overall Health score for their organization.


How to Access Health Check:

1. Log in to CloudMJ

2. Click on Settings


3. Type “Health Check” into the Setting Search bar


The Health Check tool gives an overall current score based on your settings and ranks them by High, Medium and Low Risk.


Taking action to increase one’s Health Check score is simple.

One approach is to use the “Fix Risks” button to select one or many items to automatically updated to meet the Salesforce Security Baseline.



The second option to make updates is to use the Edit link next to the individual item to be taken directly to the Settings page where you can make an update.




An additional advantage the Salesforce App Cloud gives CloudMJ administrators is for those customers who use both Salesforce Sales Cloud in combination with CloudMJ: There is only one administrative site, so no multiple logins or having settings in one org then having to manage security settings and policies in a different org or app.
Log in and go to Settings.




Health Check is a convenient and simple feature administrators of CloudMJ can utilize to adhere to internal security policies and/or match Salesforce’s Security Baseline Standard.

Visit the Salesforce AppExchange to learn more about CloudMJ and how to sign up for a 30-day free trial.