The Birth of CloudMJ

Hello World from CloudMJ! This is our first blog entry, which we feel is appropriate to talk a little about the founding of our company and our road ahead.

First and foremost, the founders of CloudMJ are big time Salesforce nerds. Our company has over 20 years of combined experience implementing Salesforce CRM as well as Salesforce App Cloud. Our experience spans heaps of companies across multiple industries including real estate, financial, music licensing, legal, manufacturing and many more…

After many trips out to Colorado to visit my friend and colleague Todd Smith, for some snow and skateboard missions, we started discussing the possibility of becoming the first Salesforce partner for the burgeoning cannabis industry. Being in Denver, Todd had first hand experience seeing the transition from a medical only product, to a now fully legalized adult-use (recreational) cannabis industry.

The legalization for recreational use naturally triggered a massive spike in cannabis production and sales. With this boom came many entrepreneurs looking to open cultivation, processing/infusing, as well as retail businesses. With our shared love for Salesforce technology, and love for the cannabis industry itself, we decided it was time to pull the trigger and form our company CloudMJ. Thus, CloudMJ officially started June 25, 2015.

Our company and products are built to provide business users in the cannabis industry with technologies and processes used by large successful companies around the globe. These companies trust Salesforce to run their business, driving productivity and sales. Because our applications are built on the Salesforce App Cloud, CloudMJ now brings the same trust and corporate expectations to the cannabis industry.

The development of our first application in the CloudMJ suite, Cultivate, was started in October 2015. The goal of Cultivate is simple: Provide businesses and their users the ability to easily track information related to their cannabis grow operation such as plants, strains, harvests, inventory, employee productivity, and more. This information needed to live in a single application, which is both easy to use on laptops, as well as mobile devices.

By the end of the year, we had a functional product, and started working with Salesforce directly, to formalize a partnership via their ISV/Appexchange program. Within a couple of months we received our partnership approval from Salesforce, and now had the ability to launch our suite of apps publicly on the Salesforce AppExchange. This was a huge milestone for us, as well as Salesforce, considering we are the first cannabis related business application to launch on their platform!

Since the launch, we have been working with our partner KGBI Colorado, who is a cannabis producer using Cultivate internally, to refine the application. With their hands-on use and feedback of the Cultivate app we have been adding and releasing new features and functionality on a bi-weekly basis. Most recently, we gave our company website a facelift, and launched the new blog!

We now look forward to the journey of providing the CloudMJ suite of applications to the cannabis industry around the world, enabling cultivators and processors/infusers to optimize their business operations and grow their bottom line!

Want to learn more or see a demo of CloudMJ, please contact us at:

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