CloudMJ is a certified METRC integration partner since 2018.

Using CloudMJ’s Cultivate with Metrc Integration, marijuana businesses can easily track and streamline their legal cannabis operations within the Salesforce platform.

Updating Metrc data directly from Salesforce is now possible without any additional middleware or development. 


With CloudMJ, you can perform the following Metrc actions directly in Salesforce:

Create Plant Batch Create Package from Plant Create Package from Harvest
Move Plant Batch Manicure Plants Split Package
Destroy Plant Batch Harvest Plants Move Package
Convert Plant Batch Move Harvest Adjust Package
Move Plants Remove Harvest Weight Finish Package
Destroy Plants Finish Harvest Unfinish Package

With the power of using CloudMJ to sync your Metrc data with Salesforce, your marijuana business can:

Utilize Advanced Analytics
Access comprehensive reports on sales, inventory, compliance, and other key metrics, enabling your business to make data-driven decisions, identify trends, and improve business performance.

Create automated workflows
Ensure compliance with state regulations by accessing real-time data and implementing business process automations for alerts, notifications, as well as recurring tasks.

Collaborate With Anyone
With Slack and Salesforce you can accelerate work, automate tasks, search knowledge, find data instantly, and collaborate with anyone from anywhere.

Leverage Artificial Intelligence
Transform the business with AI, but ensure you are not putting your data at risk. Salesforce Einstein has a built in Trust Layer which safeguards your sensitive data. Yet it is flexible enough to use any AI model BUT will keep your data locked down tight.

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