Unlock efficiencies for your marijuana operation using the Salesforce Platform with real-time Metrc integration.

Order Management and Fulfillment

  • Manage your prospects, customers and contacts in one system
  • Customize and track your entire order lifecycle from draft to cash received
  • Associate packages to orders and update Metrc in real time
  • Metrc details related to Transfers, Deliveries and Sales Receipts all visible in Salesforce
  • Unlimited pricebooks to support tiered and discounted pricing
  • Order approval workflows for discounts or other situations that require top level visibility

Inventory Tracking

  • Track and report on all packaged inventory by products & facilities
  • Create new packages in Salesforce with automatic updates to Metrc in real time
  • Split, adjust, or combine Metrc packages directly in Salesforce
  • See all plant inventory across strains & facilities
  • Complete Harvests in Salesforce with all related details going directly into Metrc

Production Batches and Bill of Materials (BOMs)

  • Use production batches to track extractions as well as finished products
  • Create product recipes and standards of procedures by using Bill of Materials
  • Automatic updates to Metrc and your inventory for new packages
  • Track COGs in the manufacturing process to manage your bottom line
  • Create and track purchase orders for cannabis & non-cannabis inventory
  • Update inventory from Purchase Order line items

Reporting and Analytics

  • Inventory reports and trends for your products
  • Orders and sales trends by rep, customer and/or facility
  • View details into transfers and deliveries
  • Production batch analytics for tracking output and efficiency
  • Harvest trends and forecasts
  • Compliance reports and dashboards
  • Salesforce platform provides enterprise level analytic capabilities at no extra cost

Workforce and Equipment Management

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